DVIP Children & Young People Conference - Tuesday 27th February 2018

Working with the whole: Gendered responses for children and young people impacted by domestic abuse

Join us in exploring the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people within a gendered analysis of violence against women and girls. Do all children and young people experience domestic abuse in the same ways? What are the existing and emerging good practices in working with children and young people affected by domestic abuse? How does domestic abuse experienced by children and young people interact with other forms of violence and abuse?  How can we ensure children and young people’s voices are heard?

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Conference Blog Post


Why is it that we fail to acknowledge the impact of gender on children and young people’s experiences of domestic abuse, and what impact does acknowledging it have on the development and provision of services? 

Read Dr Marianna Tortell's blog post on our upcoming conference 'Working with the Whole'.




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